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Sadaqa distribution for October and November 2012

Update 01/12/12

Please help 9 year old Muhammad from Leicester. He has a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. Treatment in the UK is limited so they need to raise enough to take Muhammad to America. A small part of your sadaqa donations was given to this very worthy cause. Please visit the link below to give any amount you are able.Imagine if we were in the shoes of his parents, what would we be doing?

Update 29/11/12

We have, for the past two months been sending a small part of the sadaqa to the following link 

Abu Taubah was arrested during Ramadhan last year and he is still incarcerated. They have set up a fund to help support his family. Please visist the link and give via Paypal as much or as little as you are able fi sabilIllah.

Update 26/11/12

We have been approached by a sr I have known and trust for some years. She has asked if we can help in any way to raise funds for a sr who has heart problems and her arteries are closing and she needs an operation for this. Also, her Husband was the bread winner but he has been diagnosed with throat cancer so cannot now work and they have children. By joining us for just £1 a week, you can help pay towards this sisters operation and/or their every day needs. All it takes is for you to take just £1 a week from your income and set it aside and donate the £4 every month. By Allah what do we spend our £1's on now. We waste so much on Duniya material things when this £1 could be all we need to tip the scales for the good of us, this £1 could be a means to cure the sister of her disease Insha'Allah.
Only Allah knows each of our intentions and we do this purely for His sake, helping others is part of our deen. We never know when we may be in a similar situation, so please join us for a small sum of £1 a week.

Assalaamu alaykum,

As we all know, our brothers and sisters in Gaza are once again under attack. We at Al-Huriyah Sadaqa are striving to raise as much as possible to try and alleviate some of their stresses. We have opened another Just Giving page in support of Ummah Welfare Trust as they guarantee 100% donation policy so you can be assured that every penny you donate is distributed to those who need it, not those who do not.
Please visit our page to donate and please share with all.
Copy and paste the following link in your browser.

As per usual our monthly recipients are cared for firstly. Alhamdulillah we have our 5 Orphans to spend on each month, two needy families in Morocco and the sister in Palestine with cancer. We now have another sister in Morocco who we have decided to help on a monthly basis as she is a widow and has 2 children. They live  in a shanty town and the sister works as a cleaner to try and provide for her children but, as you can imagine this does not generate much of an income so we will supporting her for as long as it takes to take some of the burden from her shoulders bi ihdnIllah.

We also raised enough to purchase 130 blankets for those in need in Lucknow in India. The first batch was distributed last week via This was set up by a dear family I know who lost their daughter/sister a few years ago.

Part of your donations also went to the new school build in Bangladesh. We are trying to give them a regular income to help support the build and to meet the needs of the ever expanding list of pupils who have no means to pay for schooling otherwise.

Another new family is also in need of our help so please join us and donate just £1 a week or £4 a month to help us help those who have no other means of regular support. Just £1 a week is all it takes to make this possible. This new project is a sister living in Gambia, which I will add more info as soon as I have any on her current need so please watch this space.

We have paid for e revert sister in difficulty to attend a two day Islamic seminar as a form of sadaqa jariyah for us all Alhamdulillah. This was done via  The courses are very good and remember you will get the reward for the good she takes from it.

We have another Just Giving page that we donate to from your sadaqa as we are trying to raise £2500 to build a well in Yemen. Some cities are struggling to find clean water and the women have to travel far to get it.
You can visit the page below and donate there too and any money raised goes straight to Human Appeal International. Although it is a slow process we will leave the page open for as long as it takes Insha'Allah.

We were fortunate enough to give a small amount to the Aid Convoy going to Syria in December Insha'Allah  and will also be collecting clothes which they will sell on to raise much needed funds for vital equipment. Please remember all the oppressed and all the helpers of good in your duas as they work very hard in making these trips possible bi ihdnIllah.
They are also in Syria at the moment delivering much needed aid and are raising funds for 1000 blankets at just £6 each. We donated enough for 5 blankets at the moment although many more are needed. Please visit the site for donation details at

Sister Nabeela has opened a Just Giving page to raise funds in behalf of The National Zakat Foundation. They help those in the UK who could be homeless, poor, refugee, in debt or suffering domestic violence amongst other worthy causes. So a small part of your sadaqa went to this page. Please copy and paste the link below to donate and help Nabeela reach her £250 target.


Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him you will be returned. 2:245

Join us now for just £1 a week to give back to those who are in such dire need that we can only imagine just how difficult it must be. If we are fortunate to have a clean home, warmth food and well being them Alhamdulillah for everything that Allah gives us, but please lets think about those who can only wish and dream.

These are the three Just Giving pages we have active at the moment.    For Burma and Syria    For a Deep Water well in Yemen  For Gaza

Any money donated to our Just Giving pages go directly to the said charity. We try to donate a little to each page once a month so that we may all gain the maximum reward for our sadaqa donations....x

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