Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sadaqa distribution for January 2014

All Praise is for Allah alone.

Assalaamu alaykum,

Alhamdulillah this month has been very productive.
As well as funding our monthly commitments we were also able to give a small amount to buy baby milk for Syria, we paid for a 200+ pupil and community school feed in The Gambia via Markoiro Bunda Gambia.
This is Aminas FB page so you can see the amazing work she has been blessed with Masha'Allah.  

We collected enough to buy a single mum we know a new washing machine as she didn't have one, isn't working and couldn't afford to buy one, a  double bed was also donated for her to use as she needed this too and we also topped up her gas and electric cards too.

Alhamdulillah it arrived today 19.02.14

You donated £140 for our young sr in Morocco who is severely disabled. This was for them to buy nappies for her and to meet her basic needs, plus a sr donated 12 packs of nappies free of charge Subhan'Allah. 

A small amount was given towards the payment owed for treatment for a Hafiz teacher of a friend of ours.

A sr I know has set up a small school also in The Gambia so we donated some for the resources that they so urgently need.

And to add, sadaqa is not just about giving out our money, there are so many other ways to give sadaqa. One of them is giving your time. Masha'Allah, the reason I say this is because the sr needing the bed, washing machine etc had to move from her flat to another and, being a single parent with no one to help had no way of having her belongings taken to her new home.
Subhan'Allah after us asking on Whatsapp a very dear sr I know had arranged for her husb and 3 other brothers to drive from West London to South East and they lifted and carried all her furniture, bags etc and took them to her new home free of charge. When she first called me she was in tears because there was no one to hellp Subhan'Allah, now, she is so happy that they came to aid her in her time of need. May Allah reward the sr and her husband and the three other brothers who came too. Ameen.

Lastly but not least. Please make dua for guidance and shifaat for my sr. She is not yet a Muslim and has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer Subhan'Allah.

They will start a course of chemotherapy next week Insha'Allah.
As sad as it is, it's not the cancer that is the most worrying, it's the fact of anyone (especially a family member) who will one day return to Allah as a disbeliever. May Allah guide and cure her, and all my family and all those who are not yet given this blessing that is Islam. Ameen

For those of you who are new to this blog/project our monthly commitments that we support first and foremost with your £1 a week donation are as follows.

5 orphans from Gaza, Morocco, Syria and Sudan
5 families in Morocco needing monthly medication etc, A widow in The Gambia with two children, a widower in Palestine, a child in India with thalassamia amongst other smaller projects too Alhamdulillah. Please continue to support our efforts by either donating and/or sharing this blog, and please like and share our FB page too.

And our Just Giving page for Syria

Beautiful advice Subhan'Allah. 

“All of us are commanded to be a brother for our brothers in faith, truthful in our brotherhood and love, and this brotherhood produces many good, and from its greatest and most sublime and most noble in the sight of Allah is when you complete the deficiency of your brother and when you assist your brother upon the obedience of Allah and the Pleasure of Allah, all of us by Allah, even if he was a Scholar he is in need of someone to support him, to help him, to be close by him and remind him of Allah if he forgets, and aid him in the remembrance of Allah if he became heedless, we are all in need of this.” Sh. Mohamed Mukhtar Ash-Shanqiti Taken from - ( ثمار الأخـوة )

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