Monday, 19 June 2017

Help give them an Eid to remember

All praise is for Allah alone.

Assalaamu alaykum to you in this beautiful month of fasting, striving to please our Lord, abstaining from sin, and reflecting upon the many blessings that He has bestowed upon us Subhan'Allah.

We would, bi ihdnillah like to make  Eid special for just three of the families that you all know of.

We have been supporting their basic needs now for many years and feel that they deserve to enjoy this day too without having to worry or rely on anyone for hand outs.

Firstly we have our dear elderly Aunty, she is very unwell and often needs treatment which can be very costly in Morocco Subhan'Allah.

She also has a grown son who cannot walk, talk or do any of the everyday things that we always take for granted. His sisters have to carry him around like a baby which you can imagine is very difficult. Because of their living conditions, a wheelchair is not possible or suitable for them to use.

We also have dear Marwan and his mother. They also live in hardship on a daily basis. Marwan lost his father a few years ago so it is very important that we continue to take care of them

And last but not least we have Fatou and family living in Gambia
Fatou is a widow and has 3 children, oumie below has been sick on many occasions Subhan'Allah. Sometimes we are able to pay for treatment but also, we send a monthly amount to cover the fish money, education, rent etc.

Please help us, to help them have an Eid to remember bi ihdnillah

The many blessings of giving sadaqa


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All good is from Allah, any mistakes are from myself

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