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E-Jaazah Student sponsorship....x

Sponsor a Student

What would you say if you had a chance to potentially earn good deeds night and day for the rest of your life and beyond? Would you be interested? If I told you that could be directly responsible for many Muslims learning their religion in countries you never even thought about, what would be your reaction? Would you be motivated to action? Maybe you would, maybe not. Maybe you would ask: “What would I get in return”? Well…what if you could choose from the list of items below, which would be the most attractive for you to receive as compensation for sponsoring a student for $8 a month?

A. A free T-Shirt with the Words “E-jaazah” written on it

B. A free coffee mug with matching handle

C. Both A and B

D. A potential reward from Allaah that can easily go into the millions of good deeds for many years to come

Which did you choose? Well…if you are still undecided, listen to this hadeeth below!
Abu Hurairah reported: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings upon him) said, “If anyone calls others to follow right guidance, his reward will be equivalent to those who follow him (in righteousness) without their reward being diminished in any respect. And if anyone invites others to follow error, the sin will be equivalent to that of the people who follow him (in sinfulness) without their sins being diminished in any respect.“ [Muslim]
This means, for example: Ahmad has good intentions regarding religion however he has no one in his town or village who has studied Islam in any detail, let alone teach him the basics. Muhammad joins E-jaazah’s sponsorship program. Muhammad spends $8 a month on Ahmad in Uganda to study his religion. For the first time Ahmad learns how to pray according to the sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings upon him). Therefore, Muhammad gets a reward each and every time Ahmad makes a raka’h or sujood for the rest of his life! But it doesn’t end there! Ahmad decided to teach what he learned in his local masjid and study circles. Throughout the years Ahmad has taught many what he learned, and Muhammad gets a reward for all of those who Ahmad taught and he never even met them. But it doesn’t end there! Luqman comes to the masjid and tells Ahmad he wants him to marry his daughter as he wants her to marry a religious man who will teach her well. They have children and they all learn from Ahmad and…well…you get the point. Muhammad continues to earn good deeds even though he long since has forgotten the $8 a month he used to send to E-jaazah. has students in countries around the world and your good gesture can reach them in a matter of minutes. As well, If you like, you can correspond with your student yourself or we can monitor his or her progress and inform you of it. There is no set limit of time for your sponsorship and you can continue for as long or as short a period of time you would like.

The students of E-jaazah are studying arabic, Tafsir and Riyaah Ul Saliheen.

By donating just £1 pound a week you will share in the reward of all the students, also what they learn and convey and then what the next person learns and conveys and this is a sadaqa Jariyah for us and this will continue  until we face Allah (SWT) with His permission

Alhamdulillah Al-Huriyah are sponsoring 5 students fi sabil Illah....x

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