Sunday, 25 March 2012

Reach out for Sana....x

All praise is for Allah (SWT) alone.

For January and February 2001 your donations went to a special project in India.

A very dear friend of mine lost her sister to cancer and the family set up a charity in her name for Sana to benefit from Insha'Allah.

The charity is SRNQ Charity trust UK

With Allah's permission we were able to sponsor one persons driving lessons, once the course is complete the skills aquired will ensure a good job/source of income for one family Insha'Allah.

Secondly, such foods like rice, lentils fruits and meats were donated to an Orphanage. Children living there have a very basic and limited diet and they would love variety and treats.

And thirdly the majority of the sadaqa went towards installing a water pump, providing water for a community previously unable to have access to water on tap. This will be a means of sadaqa jariyah for us all bi ihdnIllah.

Please note: This is not the actual pump.

These posts are just an example of how so little can go so far with Allah's permission.
Never underestimate the little that we are doing fi sabil Illah. 
Just £1 a week is all it will cost you Subhan'Allah

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