Monday, 26 March 2012

Who would support you if you couldn't walk...x

Subhan'Allah we received a request via a very dear sister I know to help a family in Tanzania.

A sister had a stroke two years prior to contacting us and she was unable to move and could not talk.
They were struggling financially and had no or very little income.
We sent her your sadaqa donations to help alleviate some of their hardship.

They were so overjoyed by our kindness that I received this text message from her son....

Assalaamu alaykum Sr Somayya.

My name is Ali. we have received all the money through sister F. May Allah reward all the sisters from Al-Huriyah for heping our Mum who had a stroke two years ago.

All her body was damaged and she cannot talk or do anything, she is flat disabled.
I don't know what to say but Allah will pay you all back. Alhamdulillaahi Raabilaalameen.

When you consider that most of the people who are sick etc do not have access to doctors and medicine so the children or family tend to be the only ones helping them. No time for school and especially no time for fun and games.

As much as I  always say, we prefer not to give money but, in some circumstances there is no other option.
Please be assured that the person receiving your donations are known to one of us at Al-Huriyah. We do not just hand over money to anyone who may ask.

Alhamdulillah we were also approached by another brother Mohammed from Rwanda.

He needed an operation for his back as he could not walk. The following is a text message we received from him.

Thanks to all the sisters and their families. May Allah make it a rewarding and blessed one to all of you.
May Allah give all of you Jannah Firdous, may Allah make us better and loving Muslims.
May He protect us from our enemies. Ameen.
Only Allah will reward you back, please pray for me. I wil let you know the outcome Insha'Allah.

When you receive a text from the person in need it is such a wonderful thing. It makes our efforts worthwhile  and we ask Allah alone to accept it from us and make it pleasing to Him alone. Ameen...x

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