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Aid Convoy's 1000 blankets for Syria.

All Praise is for Allah alone without His divine Wisdom and Mercy we cannot succeed.

In Support of

Aid Convoy is a registered charity which started a project to buy blankets for our brothers and sisters in Syria. Each blanket costs just £6 so we decided to help generate much needed funds.
We set ourselves a small challenge to encourage as many people to give as much as possible to raise awareness to their plight. The response was amazing and still, Alhamdulillah offers are still coming in. Please share their links with all your contacts in as many places as you can fi sabil Illah.
Subhan'Allah we managed (with Allah's permission) to raise an amazing £2306 so far which is enough to buy 384 blankets. £545 was donated to the Aid Convoy bank, £1110 Islamic BT donate page generating an amazing £277.50 gift aid and the rest was donated via the individuals  from our challenge.

Below is some pictures taken from their Facebook page to see just how much effort they have made so far Subhan'Allah.

Also they have some events planned to help raise funds for up coming projects too. Below are the posters for this. Please attend if you are able and also encourage all you family and friends to give too. We could never really imagine just how difficult the situation is for so many of our brothers and sisters from all over the world and it's so important to thank Allah every single day that you are guided and that you are not in these harsh conditions. Who know's, but Allah if we were in this way would we be strong enough to remain steadfast, to keep our Eeman high Subhan'Allah. 

Update 13-12-12

Alhamdulillah we have so far managed to raise enough for 248 blankets so far. Please keep giving for Allah's sake to give some comfort to our brothers and sisters.

As some of you may know Aid Convoy is working hard to help our brothers and sisters in Syria who may have either no home or very little amenities. One of their projects is to raise enough to supply them with blankets to at least try to keep them warm in these freezing conditions. The target is 1000 blankets and they cost only £6 each and these will be hand delivered by Aid Convoy so you can be sure your donations goes to the correct need. They guarantee 100% donation policy and all those involved are un paid workers.
So far we at Al-Huriyah  have managed to raise and donate £1002 which will help them buy 167 blankets Alhamdulillah but, as you know, this is not enough.
Please give as much as your able and encourage others to join you fi sabil Illah.

You can donate via any of the links below

 Aid Convoy
Coop Bank
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account No: 65564507
IBAN: GB56CPBKO892996­5564507

These are not the actual blankets.

This is before the bombings

And this is now Subhan'Allah

your £6 can help keep someone warm bringing them a little comfort whilst facing such harsh conditions

That's all it takes.

Please give as much as your able for Allah's sake.

As an Ummah we have become so comfortable, especially living in the West, the horrors that our brothers and sisters are facing on a daily basis is something we can not even imagine. Yes we see the many videos and pictures but charities like Aid Convoy etc are seeing the reality first hand. Making dua for them is not the least we can do as some people seem th think, that is the best we can do as Allah is the only one who can help them and give them ease and comfort. I would say that donating is one of the least things we can do. When we have wealth it's very easy to be generous, making dua is worth more to anyone than wealth. But at least by supplying them with blankets this will give them some comfort.

I ask Allah to facilitate the needs of all the oppressed from all corners of the world, reward all those involved in these projects, may He answer their duas, give them patience, guidance and above all make them content with His decree as only He knows the wisdom behind All affairs. Ameen.

Fi aman Illah...x

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