Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sadaqa distribution for Dec 2012.

Assalaamu alaykum
All Praise is for Allah The Most Merciful

Alhamdulillah we have had a busy month trying to raise funds for various causes.
As you may know we generated enough funds on behalf of Aid Convoy for them to purchase 384 blankets which were distributed in December by the brothers on the ground

We also managed to send a years payment for our Orphan in Morocco which is amazing Subhan'Allah. It's so important for us as Muslims to care for the widows and orphans and help the poor as most of them have no other means of support. You can be assured that her needs will be met.

Brother Abu Tauba was arrested last year and this has left a big burden on his family to pay their rent etc so a small part of your sadaqa will go to this need again via this link

As per usual our 2 orphans from Gaza are cared for with your donations and the 2 other orphans, one from Syria and another from Sudan have been paid a years sponsorship previously.

A small portion also went towards our brothers and sisters in Syria. Some dear sisters recently organised a pamper evening to raise much needed funds for all those suffering in Syria. May Allah help them and give them back their homes and reunite the families, if not in this life then the next. Ameen

We sent the payments so far to the widowed sister in Gambia, the three needy families in Morocco and the sr in Palestine with cancer will receive her payment too this week Insha'Allah. We were also fortunate again this month to give an elderly sr in Morocco who lost her son and has no support at all. She lives on a farm and is so grateful that your donations can help make a difference in her life. I will get some feedback from her as soon as possible.

A br will be travelling to Algeria this month to help the family there to try to make their home more livable. As you have seen in my previous post their living conditions are damp and very poorly and to make it even harder the Mother has breast cancer and the Father has heart problems. Alhamdulillah with your donations we raised £452 so far and if anything we will try and at least pay for their medication on a monthly basis too.

There are two new projects that we have been approached about, one is a madrassa in Kenya that is under threat to close as their sponsors have stopped payments and if it closes then the children risk being cared for by the Missionaries, it is also used for Salah and Taraweeh and for various womens activities.
Another is a new Masjid build in Germany which I will post more details when I can Insha'Allah. 

Please continue to support us so that we may help as many as Allah has allowed us. And alsp please encourage others to join us by passing on the link to this blog. I ask Allah to accept the little that we do for His sake and may He give you all back tenfold and may it weigh heavy on your scales. Ameen

Please donate via Paypal to

We also have 4 Just Giving pages for the following Charities.   Muslim Hands Winter Appeal   Human Appeal International. Deep Water Well for Yemen   Muslim Aid for Burma and Syria  Ummah Welfare Trust for Gaza

You can donate by clicking on the links above and all donations go straight to the said charity Insha'Allah

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