Friday, 8 February 2013

Sadaqa distribution for Jan 2013.

Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatulaahi wa Barakatu.
All praise is for Allah alone.

Alhamdulillah we have had another busy month. Please note that all you have to donate to us is just £1 a week to help us make this possible. £1 is such a small amount for us but can make a huge difference when used to help those who need it.

Below is a brief description of exactly how your donations benefit so many Subahn'Allah.

A brother in Morocco has difficulty walking to the toilet so we managed to buy him a commode to make things easier.

This will be leaving the UK tomorrow (Sat) Insha'Allah and will be delivered as soon as possible to him in Morocco. Please note, we only paid for the commode, the sister who approached me is sending other items and will be paying the delivery charges from UK to Morocco. Items like this are very expensive there and are not easily available Subhan'Allah...

Our second project is winter food packs.

We just started off with two food packs which were aimed at the elderly and it was to see how they were received by the recipients. Because of the recent cold spell and the snow we thought it would be a good idea to help them just in case they were unable to get out.

To some of us, this may not seem difficult getting to the shop but one sister is 81 and she was so happy to accept this pack. In the event that it snows again then she is happy to know that the food is there to nourish her and to keep her healthy.


We are still trying to raise the much needed funds for a Masjid in Germany who urgently need to re pay a debt. You can read about it from the link below

As per usual our monthly commitments were cared for. Alhamdulillah we are sponsoring 5 Orphans.
Two children in Gaza, One in Morocco, Sudan and Syria.

Update 10th Feb 2013

In October 2012 we collected funds to have blankets distributed in India for those living in freezing conditions. These are the recent pictures of those blankets being given to many in need Alhamdulillah.

Such a small gift but with great benefit Subhan'Allah

A child in India with Thalassaemia.

What is Thalassaemia?

Thalassaemia is the name we give to a group of related conditions. These conditions affect haemoglobin - the substance in our blood that carries oxygen around our body.
Some conditions are more serious than others. The most serious forms are called beta thalassaemia major and alpha thalassaemia major.  Although it is possible to live with treatment for beta thalassaemia major, alpha thalassaemia major is not compatible with life.

"Spend (in charity) out of the sustenance that We have bestowed on you before that time when death will come to someone, and he shall say: "O my Lord! If only you would grant me reprieve for a little while, then I would give in charity, and be among the righteous." - The Noble Quran, 63:10 

We also send a small amount each month to help pay the rent for the family of Abu Tauba.
You can read about his unfortunate situation on the following link and you may donate directly from there too Insha'Allah

The school for the needy children in Bangladesh is still in need of donations. We try to give them a small amount each month but they need so much more. As soon as the brother travels back I will add some updated pictures Insha'Allah.

We are supporting a widowed sister in Morocco with two children. She lives in a shanty town and is so grateful to you all for your monthly support. Two other  families also whom use your monthly donation mainly to buy much needed medication.
An elderly sister, also in Morocco who lost her only son is trying to support herself on the farm she lives on so we give her a monthly income too, as well as buying her enough food for a month approx. Also a divorced sister with two children living in Gambia who has no financial help from their Father and is struggling day to day to provide for them, we give her a monthly income too Alhamdulillah

     During Ramadhan we supplied this family with enough food for the duration of  a month. Unfortunately they have been struggling to pay their rent. They were at one stage threatened with eviction and the landlord did forgive the rent owed at that time, but last month they were in problems again so we paid for a months rent Alhamdulillah.

And lastly but not least we are raising funds on behalf of Sahara for Life Trust based in Pakistan.
They are in need of an ICU Ventilator for their Sughra Shafi Medical Complex.

The following links are Just Giving pages that you can also donate directly onto to reach the said charities Insha'Allah.    For Burma and Syria    A Deep Water Well in Yemen    For Gaza    Winter Food Packs

Jazakum'Allahu Khairan to all who donate to this project making it possible to help those who need it. Please share with all and encourage them towards good Fi sabil Illah


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once had several coins that he asked his wife to distribute in charity. But due to the Prophet's illness at the time, she did not have an opportunity to give out the coins. When the Prophet learned of this, he asked for the coins, placed them in his hand, and then said: "What would God's Prophet think if he were to meet God, who is Great and Glorious, while (still) possessing these?" - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 586
The Prophet also said: "Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 589 

Just £1 a week is all you need to give.....

Paypal payments to 

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