Friday, 7 June 2013

35 people needed to give just £2 for our third Tube Well Insha'Allah

Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatulaahi wa Barakatu.
All praise is for Allah The Most High The Most Forgiving

Update 19-10-13

Allahu Akbar, this is our first ever Tube Well built and in action Alhamdulillah.

Update 8th June 2013
Alhamdulillah we did it fi sabilIllah. We just paid for our third Tube Well. May Allah accept it from all those who gave or had the intention to give. Will add pics once built Insha'Allah which usually takes around three months.

Alhamdulillah we are now collecting for our third Tube Well. So far we have £90 so have a shortfall of just £70. 
We need 35 people to give just £2 each to make this possible bi' IhdnIllah. Please give and share too so that you may also share in the reward of anyone else who gives from your sharing. 


Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children - like the example of a rain whose [resulting] plant growth pleases the tillers; then it dries and you see it turned yellow; then it becomes [scattered] debris. And in the Hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah and approval. And what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion.


Race toward forgiveness from your Lord and a Garden whose width is like the width of the heavens and earth, prepared for those who believed in Allah and His messengers. That is the bounty of Allah which He gives to whom He wills, and Allah is the possessor of great bounty. 57:20-21

I like to add the English meaning of the Quran purely for us to benefit from the words. It's not to to sway anyone into giving, that comes from Allah. I just find the words so beneficial for many reasons, even when it is in English it's a beautiful reminder for us all.

Jazakum'Allahu Khairan to you all for your continued support, May Allah accept it and may it be a means for us to reunite in Jannah Firdous. Ameen

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