Saturday, 1 March 2014

Al-Muntada Syria Refugee Village

All Praise is for Allah The most Merciful

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Al Khair Foundation

We have opened a new Just Giving page to raise £2500 for the newly opened Refugee Village.

Please donate direct to this page so they may receive your donation direct Insha'Allah. If this is a problem for you then you can donate to my Paypal and I will put it on your behalf.

You can see the project on the follwing link

The ongoing crisis in Syria has forced many people to leave their homes terrified and desperate for safe refuge from the violence. Along with any remaining family members they have fled to refugee camps along the Syria-Turkey border. The most affected amongst them are orphans and widows. Countless children suffer from the psychological trauma of seeing family members killed, of being separated from their parents and being terrified by the constant thunder of shelling.
After multiple visits to the Syrian refugee camps, Al Muntada Trust & Al Khair Foundation, have witnessed the appalling unsanitary conditions, unsafe drinking water and lack of facilities in the camps. The terrible conditions are leading to risk of water-borne diseases including acute respiratory infections, leishmania and skin diseases such as scabies. In addition to this, there are fears of security and privacy for the people, particularly the women and children, leaving them vulnerable and exposed.

The solution: The Syria Refugee Village
Al Muntada Trust in partnership with Al Khair Foundation plan to build a village which will have 100 demountable rooms as small center and will include a school, a masjid, a kitchen from where food will be served to people and a playground for the children.
Each container will provide shelter for an average of 5 members and will contain mattresses, blankets, pillows, mat, bin, water thermos, table fan, mini refrigerator, portable wardrobe.
A communal kitchen will be built that will daily serve cooked food to orphans, their mothers and needy families. We also plan to erect a tent for a school to be used as classroom where children will get education and a masjid where worshippers are able to offer their prayers.

Please do give and share if your able.

Never underestimate the little that you give

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