Saturday, 29 March 2014

Beautiful reminders Subhan'Allah

All Praise is for Allah.

I came across these short reminders and wanted to share them with you all.

Jazakum'Allahu Khairan to you all for your continued support to help those in need. 
May it weight heavy on our scales and be a means to reunite in Jannah Firdous among the pious. Ameen.

"The [path] always starts with trials and tests, then comes the period of patience and reliance [upon Allah], and the end is englightenment, guidance and victory."

- [shifaa Al-Aleel, p.247- Imam ibn Al-Qayyim Rahimahuallah]

Where is happiness?

My Mother is my Paradise

The Virtues of Istighfar

Why do we get bored?

Enjoy, and please remember us in your dua.

Fi amanIllah

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