Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sponsor an Orphan with Interpal

All Praise is for Allah alone.

Permission was sought from the following charity to show their faces. the purpose is to show how they have grown and benefited  from your donations bi ihdnIllah.

( Please note:we are not currently taking donations for these two orphans as we pay on a monthly basis already)

In support of

Our oldest orphans whom we have sponsored since 2010 are Muhammed and Alaa from Gaza via Interpal

ALAA 2010



We receive yearly updates from Interpal and are pleased to say they are both doing well Alhamdulillah. 

I chose not to add an update of Alaa purely because she is now a young lady Subhan'Allah.

These families will always have a need of some sort be it for themselves or their families but the little that we do for them can make a huge difference for them. We were also able to purchase a fridge for one of the families too Alhamdulillah but they still have many needs.

Please continue with your monthly/yearly donations to our many projects so that we may fund more orphans and families such as Muhammed and Alaa Bi ihdnIllah. Click on the donate button on the right of this blog to give fi sabilIllah.

“Each day Palestinian children suffer hardships due to conflict, poverty, occupation and refugee-hood. With the support of dedicated sponsors Interpal is able to aid vulnerable children in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon. Interpal carries out detailed needed assessments on the ground, ensuring we know who the most needy and disadvantaged children.

The children we support are in dire need. They live in poverty, many are coping will illness or disabilities or are orphaned and displaced. Our one-to-one sponsorship programme aims to provide essential aid, as well as psychological and moral support, to the most vulnerable in Palestinian society. The gifts of education or clean sanitation and healthcare are invaluable. 

Regular giving from sponsors enables a small monthly income to be provided to over 10,000 Palestinian orphans, needy children and poor families. You can be assured that by sponsoring a Palestinian child through the Interpal programme you are providing a vital lifeline to some of the most vulnerable children who continue to be deprived of their basic rights.

For more options to donate to Interpal click on this link

We have, on previous occasions donated to Interpal to supply clean water for many families as well as paid for them to plant olive trees.

Jazakum'Allahu Khairan to you all for your support

Fi amanIllah

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