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Give Back To Those Who need It…..x


 All Praise belongs to Allah (SWT) without His intervention we are nothing…
Assalaamu alaykum,

Have you ever taken anything that doesn’t belong to you? Maybe you’ve done it without even realizing.
When you see our Brothers and Sisters all over the world who are starving and you may be overweight or have a fridge full of food, isn’t that a form of taking or depriving.

I myself am overweight and for the first time in my life I have sincerely realized how serious a matter it is.
We all know someone who is overweight and by Allah I am a witness to how difficult and sinful it is.
You carry on your life in denial and the only time you feel guilty (for a short period) is when you see pictures of children in Africa who are so thin that they cannot even walk.
If you are ashamed inside when you see this, then how ashamed will you feel when you face Allah…
What feeble excuse will you then give? How will you worm you way out of this day?
If like me you are fed up with being this way then think about this….

For all those years we have trained our bodies (without even knowing) to eat all the wrong things and too much of it.
We can make every excuse in the book why we are overweight, and some people are genuinely overweight because of health issues but I think now it’s time to retrain our minds to the opposite.
By changing your food intake you will reap so many benefits and the rewards could be endless.
If you really weigh up all the pros and cons of being overweight then you can guarantee that there is not one single benefit of being this way.
I am challenging all of you that are overweight to join me (seriously) and lose all your excess weight.

My own personal journey started a while back and until I have conquered this test, will I then share it with you bi ihdnIllah.
The reason for this blog is to challenge you to give back to the poor any amount for every half a stone that you lose Insha’Allah.
Usually when we do this, we get others to sponsor us but this is a project with a difference.
We don’t need outside sponsors to do it, we must commit ourselves as we are the ones who are neglecting our duties.
That’s why I decided to call this blog, GIVE IT BACK…
Give back to the poor all the money they were denied and we spent on rubbish.
Everything belongs to Allah alone and to Him is our final return.
Give them back their dignity, so they do not have to beg in the street or walk for miles and miles for water and scraps.
How can we as Muslims truly say we believe, when we are filling our bellies while others have no chance of filling a cup, let alone their stomach?
Instead of wasting money on unhealthy treats and goodies, keep this aside and donate.

If you can afford to buy this rubbish (which you do not need) then you can afford to help one of your brothers and sisters fi sabil Illah.
Changing your eating habits does not have to cost a fortune; it’s about training your mind to eat as the Prophet (SAW) used to eat.
Cutting down on portion size and, most importantly, exercise.
Give back to this starving Ummah their right.
 Their rights to eat even the basic of nutritious food and have access to clean drinking water.
Imagine the reward for giving someone who hasn’t drunk for days, clean drinking water.
Imagine giving someone who could have travelled for days without food, enough nutritious food for a week.
We can do this with confidence knowing that we are helping someone else instead of helping ourselves only.

To save our lives from obesity and to save their lives from starvation.
 Remember it’s not for me you are doing this; it’s purely for Allah’s sake alone.
Please don’t let the shaytaan put you off by whispering about our failed Slimathon.
We did it and failed but all the more reason to do this and prove to Allah that we worship Him, not food.
Have a blessed day full of Barakah (not food) and make sincere intention and repentance and with Allah’s permission you can do this with me.

Remember, next time you reach for that cream cake at the supermarket;   The Prophet Salalaahu alayhi wa salam said: “The son of Adam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for him to eat a few mouthfuls, to keep him going. If he must do that (fill his stomach), then let him fill one third with food, one third with drink and one third with air.” {Tirmidhi 1381 Ibn Maajah 3349 classed as Sahih}.

Please read this article and act now to please Allah alone. Please read and reflect from your heart and wake up to the damage we are doing to our bodies which, by the way are on loan. How will we return a fat, tired old body and expect to be rewarded with a slim new healthy body…..
I love you for His sake and that is my reason for sharing this with you all…

A short but very beneficial piece of advice on the the need for healthy eating and exercise. 

Be honest with yourself, and make that change today. This ....

Causes this...

Also, I don't wish to sound cliché but when we do see pictures like this.....

why do we so easily forget. This poverty will not go away, these people are our brothers and sisters and that is who we need to give back to Subhan'Allah .

I'm not writing this post to ask you to donate to my project, my intention is to encourage you to find those who are in dire need of food, water and shelter and strive to defend them and give them a chance of survival. We have become so comfortable with our lives that this reality has become a thing of the past, or just during Ramadhan when all the appeals come around and we save our pennies until then as we will gain more reward during Ramadhan. 
If you can guarantee that you will still be alive until then, then carry on and wait but, will these starving people have enough energy to wait for ramadhan. Is there whole life not  like Ramadhan?

I know we have all heard this before but as the saying goes ''If I can do it then anyone can''
With the right, sincere intention to please Allah alone you can do this. Let's stop being a slave of food and be a slave of Allah (SWT) alone.
If you are not able to find a poor person to feed, there are plenty of trusted charities around who guarantee 100% donation policy who can do it on your behalf Insha'Allah.
Feed them for Allah's sake and your reward is with Him.....x

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