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What are you doing to please Allah. The Most Merciful, The Most Kind...x

Assalaamu alaykum, and welcome.

Masha'Allah, Tabarak'Allah with Allah's permission He has blessed us with this amazing project. He is the only One who can give us any chance of helping those less fortunate and I thank Him every day for guiding me to the truth.

This project started early 2010, when the ground was covered in snow, when some  were not fortunate to have  central heating, food in the fridge or shoes on their feet.

As an Ummah, we complain so much when something goes wrong in our lives, we complain that things are  not as we would want them to be.
We complain when the bus is late, we complain when the hospital keeps us waiting, we complain that we only have a 3 bedroom house , when we really need 4.
When are we going to wake up out of this coma, stop complaining and open our eyes to the reality of so many Brother's, Sister's and children from all over the world.

You have seen the plight of our Syrian people, Palestine and Somalia. The list is endless.
These people have no home, no hospital and no chance of the even the very basic of needs.
At Al-Huriyah Sadaqa Project we are able to lesson the burden of some by sponsoring them on a yearly basis. Paying for much needed medicine for others, or supplying them with a means to make a living, such as donating a sewing machine, or buying 10 goats for a farmer in Somalia to live of the proceeds of the milk etc.

Since 2010 we have been blessed with sponsoring two Orphans from Gaza, and more recently another Orphan from Morocco.
We are currently helping two families in Morocco, one is a sister who needs medication each month and is now confident that she will have access to this on a regular basis, and be able to know when her next proper meal is.
The other family are living in two small rooms and also need medication on a monthly basis plus food, electric and gas.

Masha'Allah we have also been sponsoring five students studying with
They are not able to afford to pay the fees and are studying Arabic, Tafsir and Riyadh as Saliheen, as well as having access to other things available on the site.

Solace is another amazing organisation set up to help fellow revert sisters in difficulty. It was established just over a year ago, and so far Masha'Allah has helped revert sisters going through many different types of problems. No problem is too small for them and many, many sisters have benefited greatly from their large array of services.  You can visit them at to donate or ask for help should you need it.

By Allah, this blog or any of it's content is not in any way to show off Subhan'Allah, it's simply an example of how 1 pound, with Allah's Barakah can go so far.
We have helped pay for an operation for a brother in Rwanda who could not walk, bought a fridge for a sister in Mali to use to store home made juice. This nis then sold, generating an income for herself and her family.
We were able to sponsora brother in India to have driving lessons to then attain the skills to work. Installed a water pump in India, helped with a Masjid build in Uganda. Masha'Allah there are many more who have benefitted from your doantions, that's why I urge you to join us so that we can do so much more Insha'Allah.

We spend and waste so much in our day to day lives, so please spare a thought for those who only wish to be able to visit the local shop and buy a sweet, let alone have a clean hospital to visit or have a roof over their head. This is a stark reality that needs addressing every day. Not just during Ramadhan or when we have displeased Allah.
Take action now fi'sabil'Illah, before it's too late. Before a Day when we wish we had helped even with the smallest of donation.
By Allah 1pound to us is nothing, but 1 pound to another can make a huge difference.

I ask Allah (SWT) to accept our humble efforts and to make it a means for us to reunite under His shade on a Day when the only shade will be with Him.

An amazing piece of naseeha below


Please donate via Paypal to    We guarantee  that 100% is used for those in need.

I will add pictures along the way also to show some of the work we have done fi'sabil'Illah.
Any good is from Allah (SWT) and mistakes are from myself.

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