Saturday, 24 March 2012

How Is Your Relationship With The Quran?....x

Do you have a better relationship with the TV than with the Book Of Allah (SWT).
How often do you open His book and recite and ponder over it's many, many beneficial lessons?

Your donations helped to distribute Complete Quran Cd's recited by Sa'ad Al-Ghamdi

When you find your self in happy situations, of if you are facing hardships in life, who do you turn to?

Fortress of the Muslim is a very beneficial dua book for all occasions in your life, whether happy or sad.
Your donations helped us to send many sisters from USA, West Indies, Malaysia, UK, and other far away countries a copy of this dua book.

When your out shopping or at work, do you know the correct direction for salat?

Each sister also received this small compass that can be kept in your bag.

Ask yourself this question.

Is there dust on your Quran? If so, then there's probably dust on your heart. Wipe it clean by prioritising your day. Pray Fajr on time, open, recite and reflect on the beautiful words of Allah (SWT) and see how much more productive your life will be.
If you are a person who does/doesn't pray on time and also does not read Quran from one week to the next, then you really need to plan your day better, before someone else is making plans for your janazah, only then, you will regret it.
Life has become so busy with too many distractions that some of us wake up and start the day with duniya matters. What excuse will you have for neglecting your duty to the One who created you.

Please watch this short vodeo and then reflect on your real relationship with the Quran, if you have one....

Off topic but beautiful naseeha....x

fi aman Illah

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