Saturday, 24 March 2012

How Much Did You Spend On Your Last Pair Of Shoes....x

How much do you spend on your shoes? How much do we waste on worldly items that  either end up in the bin or thrown in the bottom of your wardrobe, never to be used again.

This picture is a stark reality of life for so many.
Imagine how uncomfortable these ''shoes'' must be.
Your generous donations paid for five new pairs of shoes with plenty left over for many more Alhamdulillah.

Shoes are not a luxury, they are a necessity which for us would be impossible to be without. Imagine walking around your hometown with two plastic bottles tied to your feet, or turning up to school/work like this.

Unfortunately I arranged for pictures to be taken of the shoes that were purchased in Morocco but the sisters camera broke at the time when they bought  so I will make sure that they take some when the next batch are bought Bi'IdhnIllah.

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