Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sleeping bags for Syria and support for The Deen Riders event

Update 11-10-13

All Praise is for Allah alone. 
Whom, without His infinite Mercy this would not be possible.

We were asked by the same dear sister below if we could help in any way to raise funds for the hall hire for an event also in Aid of Syria. 
Along with the sisters family and in Support of Deen Riders, they organised a very fruitful event which, Alhamdulillah raised over £7000

We managed to raise enough to pay for the hall hire and also the food which was supplied to the attendees free of charge. 

Jazakum'Allahu Khairan to the organisers of the event and to all those involved in any way, shape or form who contributed in anyway to make this event a success .

Update 26-09-13

Alhamdulillah another £190. £120 paid and £70 cash.

Update 16-09-13

La hawla wala quwata Illah billah

The total has now reached £1340 Subhan'Allah. Jazakum'Allahu Khairan to all who gave.

Update 14-09-13

Allahu Akbar 500 pound reached since yesterday Subhan'Allah. Although that was the target please continue to give fi sabil Illah as this is enough for 25 sleeping bags but many more are needed

Assalaamu alaykum,

A very dear sister to me has made a pledge of 500 pound with Human Aid to supply Syria with 25 sleeping bags. As we are aware, the colder weather is just around the corner and most of us reading this have it relatively easy when it comes to warmth and comfort Alhamdulillah.
So many do not have any choice and are either sleeping rough or have been evicted from their lands by oppressive leaders.
They are living in tents in dire conditions with no other choices available so please spare a thought when you reach for the thermostat to turn up the heating.
Each sleeping bag costs 20 pounds but all we are asking is that you give whatever is within your means to give warmth to our brothers and sisters who are suffering enough.
The amazing part also, is that the sleeping bags are being made by the Syrian refugees so this will also give them a small income as well.

This is not the actual sleeping bags but any such thing would make them more comfortable than their current situation Insha'Allah.

Human Aid is also pledging a 100% donation policy so you can be assured that every penny you give goes to those in need.
We started this project just a couple of hours ago and have so far raised around 270 Alhamdulillah.

Please do give any amount your able via Paypal to and your reward is with Allah.

Jazakum'Allahu Khairan

"He who relieves a hardship of this Dunya (this earthly life)
for a believer, Allah will relieve a hardship of the Day of
Resurrection for him; he who makes it easy for an indebted
person, Allah will make it easy for him in the Dunya and
the Hereafter; he who covers a Muslim (his mistakes and
shortcomings), Allah will cover him in the Dunya and
the Hereafter; Allah will be in the slave 's need, as long as
the slave is in his (believing) brother's need…"
[Saheeh Muslim]

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