Monday, 2 September 2013

Sponsor the education of a child in Gambia.

Update 14-10-13

Alhamdulillah we managed to gather clothes, pots, stationary amongst other items for the needy in Gambia. May Allah accept it and facilitate the needs of all those who are facing hardships on a daily basis. Ameen. These are the pics from taking your items to the container.

My home before 

And after. The table and chairs are for a family in Morocco Insha'Allah

Update 2-10-13

Subhan'Allah we have also been collecting clothes, stationary, kitchen items etc for the community in Gambia which we hope they will benefit from bi ihdnIllah.

This is just a part of the items.

Update 23-9-13

We are now in the process of sponsoring our 7the child bi ihdnillah.
Her name is Lala and she is a senior student. We have so far paid £45 with £40 outstanding left to pay. If you would like to help us sponsor Lala please click on donate and give just £1 minimum fi sabilIllah.

Update 17-09-13

Alhamdulillah I just paid the remaining £47 for  our 6th child sponsorship.
You can see the payment here

If we should get anymore donations it will go towards bying a family a large bag of rice Insha'Allah.

Jazakum'Allahu Khairan

As salamu alaykum,

We have recently been blessed with sponsoring the education of 6 beautiful children in Gambia
 via Markoiro Bunda Gambia.

Updated 11-09-13

Here, with the sisters permission are the pictures of 5 of the 6 beautiful children we are sponsoring for their education Alhamdulillah.
The only reason for showing their pictures is for anyone who has donated via my blog for verification purposes.

Alagie is the senior student.

Darbou is the youngest but I am waiting for a more recent picture as this is an old picture which you will see on their FB page.

This is Jaraa Masha'Allah

This is Muhammad. This picture was sent by Whattsapp as soon as he found out that he had a sponsor.
Wow what a smile Masha'Allah

And this is sweet Sanaa Masha'Allah.

Fatamatou is our newest sponsor

May Allah protect them always, give them all a good education and may their Islamic Education be a means for them to enter Jannah Firdous. Ameen.

We have paid for the whole year for five out of the six students, just one left to raise for Bi ihdnIllah.

They do some amazing work in the local community by providing assistance to those who need it.
There are many children in need of sponsorship for their education at the cost of just £50 a
 year for a junior and  85 for a senior child Subhan'Allah. 
Please give any amount your able to help a child receive a much needed start in life.
One of the conditions for the child to receive sponsorship is that they also attend the local darra 
(Islamic School)
A good education is such an important part of growth and more so with them studying Quran. 
This can then be implemented in their lives to enrich them as children and enable them to grow into
 hard working,righteous children bi ihdnIllah
 £50 will pay for tuition, uniform, shoes and starter books and pens!!!!
You can donate via the sisters new Go Fund me page or set up a standing order or direct debit for a minimum of just £5 a month.
Please visit their page for more info.

For anyone who has already donated towards the 6 students you will see your donations here too Alhamdulillah.

May Allah reward all those involved in Markoiro Bunda Gambia for enabling our future ummah to have a decent start in life. Ameen

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